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top gun options webinar

New Top Gun Options Webinar On 28 & 29 May 2011

Register To Find Out More on this Live Webinar With Matt Buckley From Top Gun Options. You’ll Learn How To Protect Yourself Against Major Losses, and How to Stay in the Game Long Enough to Win! … PLUS, Receive Over 100 Pages of His Exclusive Options Guides, Tools and an Exclusive Video Designed to Help You Maximize Your Trading Profits!

Saturday, May 28th, 2011 at Noon EST
Sunday, May 29th, 2011 at 8:00 pm EST

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“Thank You.” You have successfully registered for Thursday’s webinar. You should receive an email shortly with your webinar access details.

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Saturday, May 28th – 12:00 pm (Noon) EST
Sunday, May 29th – 8:00 pm EST

Topic: Top Gun Options System Revealed


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You’re about to be taken on a journey unlike anything you’ve
ever experienced.

Top Gun Options will get you airborne.

Happy Hunting, And Make Sure You Hedge.

Matthew Buckley
Chief Strategy Officer

Matthew Whiz Buckley Webinar


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    Top Gun Options ‘Flight School’ Training

    If you’ve been paying attention over the last couple of
    weeks, you may have heard about a totally unique options
    training program created by an US Navy, F/A-18 fighter pilot
    with combat and Wall Street experience …

    What the heck does trading options have to do with flying a
    $50 million dollar, high-performance aircraft?

    The short answer: everything.

    Matt ‘Whiz’ Buckley, creator of the program and graduate
    from the elite Naval Weapons School – Top Gun – has figured
    out how to combine military methodologies with options
    trading to get…well…pretty powerful results.

    Now, you can see the full program in action during an
    impromptu series of live trading and training webinars being
    held by the expert, Top Gun Options trading instructors.

    You can register at the link below.

    You can attend up to 4 Live Trading Sessions with the Top
    Gun Instructors, Jared Levy and Greg Loehr, over the course
    of 4 days for Options training, Live market trading and an
    in-depth look at the TGO program.

    They’re calling it “Flight School” and it’s 100%
    complimentary for you to attend.

    They’ve also prepared a surprise bonus for you that is
    valued at more than $5,000, but you can only get it by
    attending these special trading sessions.

    Just follow the link below to get more information and to
    register for your Live trading and Options training

    After you register, you will get the details below:

    Thank you for registering for Top Gun Options’ ‘Flight School’ training, which begins Monday, June 6th at 8pm EST, sharp. You’ll get to sample the Top Gun Options program LIVE, with expert options instructors Jared Levy and Greg Loehr.

    Here is your training itinerary:
    8pm Monday, June 6th: Primary and Intermediate Academics with Jared Levy and Greg Loehr
    9am Tuesday, June 7th: Primary/Intermediate Live Trade Briefs with Greg Loehr
    5pm Wednesday, June 8th: Live Trading With Trade Alerts ‘After The Closing Bell’
    9am Thursday, June 9th: Advanced Live Trade Briefs with Jared Levy


    Login Details:

    Day/Time: (See itinerary above for day and time information)


    Password: (No password required)


    See you in the trading room…

    Matt Buckley, Chief Strategy Officer
    Top Gun Options

    Greg Loehr, Jared Levy and I got into some Top Gun Options trading methodologies to show you what the Top Gun Options program is all about.

    If you want to join tomorrow’s 9 a.m. EDT, Live Trade Brief and watch Greg Loehr identify some potentially profitable trade ideas, LIVE in the market, then register for FREE by following this link and entering your info:

    See you tomorrow at 9 a.m. EDT.

    Happy Hunting, And Make Sure You Hedge…

    Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Top Gun Options/Options University

    Side Note: This replay won’t be up for very long, so watch it sometime today or tomorrow:


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    Top Gun Options Training Review

    The Top Gun Options training system offers skill-based equity options training, education, and practical application on equity options. The syllabus is broken up into phases: Introductory, Primary, Intermediate, Advanced, and personalized training called Wingman Coaching.

    Classes are held twice per week, and include free access to Top Gun Options proprietary skill-based Trade Alerts and Live Trade Briefs for the duration of the syllabus. There are 2 Live Trade Briefs (LTBs) per week, Primary/Intermediate on Tuesday and Advanced on Thursday.

    All classes and LTBs are recorded so you can view them whenever it is convenient for you, and many students watch the classes repeatedly to accelerate their learning. If you don’t want to wait for the next class, you can sign up today and watch the archived sessions from the most recent classes, including the Live Trade Briefs, and get immediate access to the Trade Alert service.

    Here’s a sample of the Advanced Options Education:

    Top Gun Options Blog
    This week’s session was all about straddles and strangles. Straddles and strangles are used to express a neutral sentiment in the marketplace. We spent quite a bit of time quantifying exactly what ‘neutral’ means and how straddles and strangles can be used to either express a range bound sentiment or a potentially volatile move in one direction or the other. The Greeks, namely Vega and Theta are extremely important when it comes to straddles and strangles, as they both can have dramatic effects on your P&L. Delta and Gamma play a role when determining not only where you will place your strikes, but also how your position and risk will change with changes in the underlying stock price.
    Straddles can also be used to measure the option market’s expected move over earnings. Next Week we will reduce risk by learning butterflies.

    Here’s an example of Intermediate Education:

    Top Gun Options Blog

    Bear Put Spread
    We cover this tactic for bearish trades. The spread is created with a long put and short put with the same expiration month. Put spreads are limited risk and limited reward just like call spreads. And the spread offers protection from a drop in volatility.

    Bull Put Spread
    This is just the opposite tactic of the Bear Put Spread. Created by selling one put short and buying a long put, again with the same expiration. Bull Put Spreads also have limited risk and limited reward. This tactic offers a low risk alternative to selling puts naked.

    Here’s a recent Advanced Live Trade Brief:

    Top Gun Options Blog

    The focus this week will obviously be on our existing positions that are expiring next week.
    We were able to actually capture a profit in our PCLN Call butterfly, which was a welcome relief.
    We also captured a $900 profit in AAPL’s iron condor from last week.
    Our concern now moves back to our nemesis, RIMM… Tomorrow we are going to look at all the options here and find a way to play it and protect or adjust our current positions.
    We will review upcoming earnings and set up a couple new trades. We will also will review the Greeks and our global position risk this week and moving forward.
    We have been able to gather profits and mitigate losses and we are still on top.
    JWN is looking perfect here and we closed down our call side because of the strength in retailers this week.
    We will discuss the balance of the trade from here.
    Commodities may also be a sale here, we will explore that trade.

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    Top Gun Options Trade Alerts

    You may already be utilizing a trade alert service and you’re frustrated and probably have lost money. How do we know this? We’ve been in your shoes.

    We know that just about every trade alert service is ‘one size fits all’…they’re not geared to your individual skill and risk tolerance level. We know it’s extremely frustrating to pay a lot of money to receive trades you simply don’t understand. More often than not these other services do a poor job of explaining the trade. We do not.

    If your service does not ask and answer these critical questions, run. Run as fast as you can.

    • What is the strategic mindset that led us to this sector?
    • What are the commit criteria that led us to this stock?
    • What is the tactical set up to this options trade?
    • What is the contingency plan if something goes wrong?
    • What are the exit points to the upside and downside?
    • When do we ‘eject’ to maximize profit and minimize loss?
    • How are we managing, or hedging, potential risk?

    Most alert services tell you what to trade and that’s it. This is like being told, ‘Hold this rifle and march in this direction’. How many of you think that sounds like a great idea? No thanks. That’s how you get killed. In order to win you need to know why you’re entering a trade, how to set it up properly, what to do if/when things go wrong, and what the profit target is along with our maximum loss.

    Our in-depth, skill based proprietary trade alerts are like no other.

    Top Gun Options Blog

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    Top Gun Options Live Trade Briefs

    You can’t win in combat if you sit in class all day talking about it or planning.

    You need to get airborne.

    After book and classroom study is complete you need to walk out onto the flight line, jump in a 2 seat Hornet with an instructor pilot in the backseat and get airborne. You need to apply what you’ve learned on the deck.

    Now the instructor pilot takes the controls, shows you exactly how to perform a maneuver, and then gives you the controls.

    This is how the navy accelerates learning and prepares aviators for combat in the shortest time possible, with time and combat tested training that we’ve applied to Wall Street with unparalleled success.

    Welcome to the Live Trade Briefs (LTBs). Your trading Hornet. Education coupled with practical application is the key to trading success.

    The Live Trade Brief model portfolio has seen some big wins recently:

    BIDU 100% return in 22 days or $2,500 in the model portfolioNFLX 89% return in 22 days or $2,350 in the model portfolioAAPL 100% return in 30 days or $5,000 in the model portfolioAMZN 100% return in 30 days or $4,320 in the model portfolio

    top gun options webinar

    The LTBs begin at 0900 eastern, 30 min before the market opens. This allows you to watch as the instructor goes through his preflight preparation and planning. You see where our pros gather critical market intelligence that enable them to win when the opening bell sounds.

    You’ll learn how to read various premarket indicators in addition to analyzing potential market moving news such as earnings, economic reports, and worldwide events.

    You’ll learn how to analyze and trade the barometer for options traders – the VIX. You’ll see the instructor make updates to the $50,000 model portfolio in real time. If you’re unable to join us live for the LTB don’t worry because the briefs are archived so you can view at your leisure.

    Our skill based proprietary LTBs will empower you to execute at a higher level. Here is a sample from one of our Live Trade Briefs.

    top gun options webinar


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    Matthew Buckley? Who Is Matthew Whiz Buckley

    matthew whiz buckley

    top gun options

    Matthew Buckley is the founder of Top Gun Options LLC and the Chief Strategy Office and a Partner at the Options University Group LLC. Matt was formerly the Managing Director of Strategy for PEAK6 Investments, L.P., one of the largest volatility arbitrage options trading firms in the country. He was the CEO PEAK6 Media LLC, the parent company of ONN.TV (The Options News Network) and is also a nationally recognized speaker on business leadership, execution, and risk management.

    Matthew Buckley is a veteran C level executive with extensive leadership experience from the front lines to the front office. A former decorated Navy fighter pilot, he graduated from the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOP GUN) and flew 44 combat missions over Iraq. While on active duty he taught himself how to trade options and has been successfully trading for over 15 years.

    Matthew’s unique background makes him a highly successful options trader. He applies many fighter pilot methodologies and techniques to his trading such as developing a well defined strategy, supported by specific tactics and predetermined exit points. He always has a contingency plan and debriefs each trade to get lessons learned that he can apply to improve portfolio performance. He teaches traders of all experience levels how to sort through information overload (trading task saturation) to ensure that they have the highest probability of success before squeezing the trigger.

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